Government Of Nepal

Ministry Of Women,Children and Senior Citizens

National Child Rights Council

ShreeMahal , Pulchowk , Lalitpur



The National Child Rights Council is formed by the federal government under the leadership of the Hon'ble Minister of the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens. The council is mandated to carry out the work of protection and promotion of child rights as provided by Section 59 of the Act Related to Children, 2018. The council works to provide policy advice, capacity-building programs and operates child protection systems (Child Helpline Services 1098 and Missing Child Response Services 104) in coordination with all three tiers of the government. Similarly, the council works for the rescue, protection, and management of the children who have been victims of violence and risk. The council has the mandate of coordinating and cooperating with the province and local level governments as well as inter-ministerial coordination at the federal level for the protection and promotion of child rights.